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STOP working in SURVIVOR mode while running your business.

At Savvy Empire Consulting, we pride ourselves on our customer-centric philosophy, putting our clients needs first. We have a range of products and solutions to fit your business's needs, and wallet! 

*[Please note: All service costs are competitively priced and vary based on the scope of work to be performed by Savvy Empire Consulting, LLC, such as business lifecycle position, complexity of the project, and research required. All projects require a 33% retainer before work commences, 33% at the midpoint of the project, and the balance (34%) paid at the close of the contracted work performed by Savvy Empire Consulting, LLC. Projects with a shorter lifecycle will be setup on a 50% down, and 50% at close.]

  • Let's discuss what is costing you time & money?

  • [For solopreneurs and start-ups with 3-month contract minimum]

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  • [Minimum of 5 team members required with 3-month contract minimum]

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  • [Minimum of 8 team members required and 6- month contract minimum ]

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  • [Minimum of 12 team members with 12-month minimum contract]

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